Summer Series Snapshot: Fear the Walking Dead

FearTWDOnly two episodes have aired thus far, so it may not be fair to say I’m already bored. But this “companion series” (don’t call it a spin-off!) to AMC’s zombie juggernaut looks to potentially be rather underwhelming. Even the name feels lazy.

It could be subtitled “While Rick Grimes Slept.” Fear looks to illustrate society’s rapid unraveling from the onset of the virus—? flu? bacteria? We still don’t know!—with the pilot episode showing our new main characters what we already know: No matter how many times you shoot the infected (or hit them with a car), they will continue to come at you until they take a bullet/arrow/blade to the brain.

Speaking of those characters, I don’t like a single one of them yet. “Oh, how nice to see some fresh faces!” False. We’re introduced to new people on Dead all the time and it’s safe to say they are far less bland than this band of “blended” family members.

While it’s interesting (for now) to see the contrast of Georgia countryside versus bustling Los Angeles, one could expect that in a few months’ time, it might feasibly resemble the eerily abandoned Atlanta we remember from season one of Dead.

Come to think of it, I now have a new appreciation for season one of Dead. We were thrust right into the apocalypse, seeing this terrifying new world through Rick’s freshly opened eyes: What happened? Where is everyone? What is that? Oh my god, what IS that? What happened to her face? That lady only has half a body! WHAT IS GOING ON? Continue reading


HIMYM gets official spin-off


As was first reported in late October, the rumored “How I Met Your Mother” spin-off is, in fact, no longer just a rumor—there’s officially a pilot in the works. The new sub-series will hold many of the same elements of the original: A group of friends share their life experiences in Manhattan, as the female lead searches for her true love. It might even feature the iconic MacLaren’s Pub.

“How I Met Your Dad” (way to keep the phrasing consistent) has no confirmed plans to include any of our favorite characters from HIMYM and this is why I’m skeptical about its shot at success. One of the co-creators, Craig Thomas, told EW earlier this year, “There’s a world where the universe of the show can keep existing in a way that feels coherent to what’s come before, but new enough to be worth watching.” There’s only one way for me to agree with that: The Father has to be Ted Mosby. Continue reading