Prison Break: Best Moments of Michael & Sara ❤ | Season 1

Ohhhhh, this has been a long time coming. OK, since my last PSA (two months ago?!), I quit my job, got another one, moved to Maryland, got my own apartment, and watched my life and career do a complete 180. It’s been a little hectic, and I’m admittedly not drowning myself in pop culture news as much as I used to, nor have I recently binge-watched anything (besides Stranger Things, which I’ll write about soon). I’m not watching much of anything actually. I did christen my new apartment with a brief re-watch of the later seasons of Boy Meets World in my first week (I didn’t have cable yet), but I’m trying to read more lately and have happily taken myself on a trip back to Hogwarts, something I haven’t done since 2011.

I’m also working on a new blog! I am now The Jaded Journo and you can read all about my career experiences as I tackle this new chapter of my life.

So, that’s what’s new with me. But I do want to show PSA some love and get back to discussing all things entertainment, particularly as fall sweeps draws ever closer and pretty soon, alllllll the shows will back on the air and I’ll be hardly able to contain myself as I’m reminded of oh-how-very-much I love television.


Anyway, as I mentioned in my last PSA, I knew I’d be wanting to gush over Wentworth Miller/Michael Scofield’s pretty face after I devoured Prison Break in about a month, because, I mean, come on. I loved the show, even though it didn’t always make sense and parts of it dragged (UGH, SONA). Imagine my surprise when I didn’t totally hate Sarah Wayne Callies as Sara Tancredi—even though in the pilot, I had a moment of “LORI‘s in this? Oh, crap.” I actually really grew to love her relationship with Michael and romances are the easiest target for lists like this, so here we go. (Stay tuned for seasons 2-4 and I’ll also probably talk more about the show itself as the upcoming reboot sequel gets closer.) Continue reading