Fall 2015 Pilot Tests

When I start hearing buzz about a new fall drama or comedy, I usually wait before diving right in. It needs to reel in some great reviews and ratings first, maybe an article here and there in Entertainment Weekly. After I read up on it and watch a trailer or two, I give it the ol’ pilot test. If the pilot episode hooks me, I stay with it for a while. If it doesn’t keep me interested, I try to rough it for a few episodes, given that some shows just take longer to really get underway, which I get. And even though I usually have a full fall roster every year ready to jam up my TiVo, I still try a couple new ones, just because. So this year, here’s what’s new to my ever-growing line-up and whether or not I think I’ll keep them …

Best Time Ever
Tuesdays at 10 on NBC

Best Time EverAs mentioned in my last PSA, I’m a huge Neil Patrick Harris fan so imagine my surprise when his hugely touted variety show, new to NBC this season, appeared to flop miserably. I found myself with a puzzled look on my face throughout much of the first episode, even fast-forwarding entire segments. The second episode did not fare much better. It’s as though he’s trying to cram much too much into every second and the pressure of performing it all live puts a strain on the easy-going, natural charmer that we know NPH to be. The audience participation in the first episode leaned more toward stalking and the second—an on-air proposal—seemed odd and out of place. His celebrity guest announcers falter awkwardly and “The End of the Show Show” runs the gamut from chaotic to sloppy. The only parts worth sitting through are the pranks and the physical obstacle course, which changes from show to show. But even so, after two episodes, I removed this from my TiVo to-do list. Sorry Neil, it just didn’t live up to its name. Continue reading


Is Glee doing Avenue Q?

Attention all Gleeks: What’s with the puppets?


After Lea Michele Instagrammed the New York crew with their puppet counterparts on Wednesday, I think it became clear that this isn’t just some fan submitted project for the actors to goof around with. This will be a legit episode, which begs the question, what the heck theme-of-the-week will this be? My mind, of course, goes straight to the Tony-winning, Sesame Street-inspired Broadway musical. Can’t you just see the glee club strolling down the halls singing, “It Sucks To Be Me” or, even more predictably, “If You Were Gay?” The edgy and profanity-laden production would be an interesting choice for the FOX dramedy, but so far, nothing has been confirmed.

Glee airs Thursday nights at 9 on FOX. Continue reading

An all-NYC Glee?

glee-preview-leadGleeks, stop trying to make a spinoff happen. It’s not going to happen.

The big question mark at the end of Glee’s season 3 in 2012 kicked up a flurry of rumors. How would Glee remain the Glee we all knew and loved while still giving all the characters—some graduated, some still at McKinley—full character arcs? Hopeful online whisperings wanted to see Rachel Berry, the show’s true star, shine in her own spinoff, joined by those nearest and dearest to her. Ryan Murphy laid those rumors to rest and showed us in season 4 that he knows exactly what’s he’s doing.

But when one half of the show’s power couple tragically passed in July, we were left to wonder—where do we go from here? The showrunners, of course, had to answer the same question. After Glee was renewed for two more seasons, Ryan Murphy and Co. had wasted no time in planning out exactly how FOX’s musical sensation would come to a close. Continue reading

Glee Lost A Shining Star


On the night of July 13, I was on the floor of my best friend’s sister’s bedroom when I got the news. The house was full of people sleeping all over the floor, but I had lucked out with some peace and quiet. I had spent the day at a banquet hall in NJ celebrating her Sweet 16—the court, the DJ, the formal get-up, the whole shibbang—and it had been an incredibly fun night. I could never have expected the text I was about to receive.

I have only two friends who share my hardcore Gleek status. One was asleep in NC. I had spent all night with the other, who began this conversation with me no more than an hour after she had left the after-party:


I furiously scoured the internet for a full hour, the glow of my phone on my face the only light in the room. My brain would not accept what it was reading. I alerted my sister, who was at home in bed. Then her best friend chimed in. We combed through every entertainment news outlet, searching, I feel, for an entry that would confirm that it was all a publicity hoax.

Cory Monteith, 31, found dead in his Vancouver hotel room.

And my first thought was, Lea. Continue reading

Gleeks, prepare to Glam it up…

246579_762259249698_281991789_nMy friend took this photo at 95.5PLJ’s 2012 summer kick-off concert at Jenk’s nightclub in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. We had an absolute blast. Adam was just starting to promote Trespassing; his set was from 6:30-7:30 a.m. and he still managed to infuse his performance with an infectious energy.
t was the best way to start the day.
(Click to enlarge)

Ryan Murphy announced yesterday via Twitter that Adam Lambert will be joining the cast of Glee for season 5! Murphy’s always had a tendency to inject star power into his projects—past guests on Glee have included Neil Patrick Harris, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Kate Hudson, and Sarah Jessica Parker. But after last season’s ratings drop, I wonder if it’s primarily being done to lure back those who may have given up on the Glee that was. Continue reading