“No Sanctuary” on The Walking Dead


As I write this, I’m still reeling from the bloodbath that was Sunday night’s season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead, aptly titled “No Sanctuary.” I think I broke the replay button on my TiVo remote. Instead of wildly gushing about the whole thing (tempting), I’ll just break it down into the five moments that had me bouncing up and down on my couch.


… for any Dead fans who aren’t caught up—but seriously, get on it. Continue reading


☆NSYNC jumps on the reunion bandwagon?


Social media was all a-flutter today with the news that ‘NSYNC plans to reunite on the VMA stage this coming Sunday. I must admit, the news gave me a little lift, too (ha, just kidding, I went craaazy). These boys were my second boy band obsession (the first were Hanson) and my first concert experience. What middle schooler didn’t have a crush on our dearly fro-tastic JT? Continue reading