2015 Summer Movie Preview, Part 2

Eh, what the heck. Here’s five more.

Poltergeist | May 22

PoltergeistI find re-boots to be really frustrating, especially when I’m already a big fan of the original. I still remember the very first time I saw the Spielberg-written and produced 1982 fright flick; I was far too young and just flipping channels at my grandparents’ house. It was already to the part where Diane goes after Carol Anne and the huge hunk of skeleton head snarls at Steve. I later watched the full film a couple years later with my dad and sis, who couldn’t have been older than six at the time. She didn’t even flinch at the scene where that guy peeled his face off, but I couldn’t sleep that night. It’s since become one of my favorite scary movies, so I’m incredibly skeptical as to what an attempted remake can do to the integrity of the original, which already has a real life spooky story to back it up. But the trailer does make it look pretty terrifying and even though I NEVER see horror movies in the theater, I feel like this will be one that I just have to bring myself to sit through.

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‘A Whole New World’ coming to Broadway

Aladdin, Toronto 2013

H/T to EW.com. Click here for more details:

“The magic carpet will fly into Broadway’s New Amsterdam Theatre beginning February 26, 2014.”

Check out the new behind-the-scenes video from DisneyOnBroadway‘s YouTube channel!

“Unconditionally” Coming Soon

Katy released her latest single from PRISM today, along with a new date to look forward to: “Tune in to MTV on November 19th for the premiere at 7:53pm ET!” she said on her Facebook page. Above is the snippet from the video which displayed the lines, “Did I get too close? Did I almost see? What’s really on the inside? Let go and just be free. Open your heart and let it begin.” Looks like our California Gurl is ready to get deep. The video shows some extravagantly dressed dancers, some snow, some fire, and some heavy usage of the infinity symbol.

PRISM dropped October 22.
Did you download it yet? What do you hope her next single will be?