OITNB: Round 2 starts 6/6


Netflix dropped a cute little Easter egg at the end of the House of Cards finale: the release date for season 2 of Orange is the New Black! We return to Litchfield on June 6. Good thing it’s a Friday because it’s probably safe to say you won’t budge from your bed/couch/cave until you devour all 13 episodes. No vacation days from work required. View the teaser after the jump. Continue reading


5 Reasons Why the OITNB Finale Pissed Me Off


I started Orange is the New Black last week. I liked it.
I finished it last night. I didn’t like it so much.*

Here’s why: (SPOILERS!)

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To watch or not to watch: “Orange Is the New Black”


This is my first Netflix original and I think it’s a brilliant concept. Consumers like it because of the lack of annoying network regulations and censorship, plus no commercials, and the ability to devour episode after episode without waiting a week in between. Showrunners probably appreciate the flexibility and innovation. And Netflix, well they get to see their numbers start shooting up because no one wants to be left out when the buzz starts circulating about an awesome new show, so they hurry to sign up.

It seems like everyone has been talking about Orange is the New Black since its July 11 release. Now I can see why. In my last “To Watch or Not to Watch,” I wanted you to tell me whether I should continue with The Americans. Well now I’m telling you, if you haven’t tried out the pilot of this awesome prison dramedy, you need to do so. Or at least the trailer, which I’ve included beyond the jump. Now. Go on, I’ll wait. Continue reading