NSFW – Luke Macfarlane can’t get an “Erection”


Welp, color me disappointed …

Luke Macfarlane (who played Scotty in Brothers & Sisters) stars in this 9-minute film, Erection, from director Tannaz Hazemi. Tagline: “Can Dean get an erection in time to save his relationship with his girlfriend? In bed, the day before he leaves town, the couple struggles with his flaccid penis.” The short, which had been released (only online) June 14, also stars Bonnie Swencionis as Selby (yep, Selby, not Shelby) whose acting credits include episodes here and there of 30 Rock, Law & Order and White Collar.

I came across the trailer (after the jump) for this random little nugget of soft porn while YouTube searching for Luke during my post-B&S hangover. Almost everyone in the comments gushed about how hot it looked, but none actually admitted to buying and watching it. Ahem. I fell on that grenade for you all. You’re welcome. Continue reading


I Wish I Was A Walker

One of my favorite scenes from Brothers & Sisters. You know it’s good TV when a mere 120 seconds makes you want to jump through the screen and pull up a chair.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m still suffering through the 5 stages of binge-watching (think Kübler-Ross). This is totally a thing. When you gobble up an entire series in such a short amount of time, it messes with your emotions. You’ve become so engrossed in this world and the people that inhabit it that to not spend hours of every day with them feels like you’re doing something wrong. Watching anything else feels like cheating. This is the first time I’ve truly experienced this hell and I believe it’s because 1. I fell hard for this show and 2. I finished watching it at warp speed.

Brothers & Sisters was an ABC drama that aired Sunday nights from 2006-2011. Centered on the Walker family, it starred Sally Field as Nora, mother of five adult children (Rachel Griffiths, Calista Flockhart, Balthazar Getty, Matthew Rhys and Dave Annable) all living in or around Pasadena, CA. I started watching on June 13 and finished all 5 seasons by July 1. I love ensemble casts and I love family dramas, so I don’t know why I was surprised that I enjoyed it so much. It actually reminded me quite a bit of Parenthood at times—which is another show you should be watching if you’re not already—the daughter who comes back to live with her parents, the adorable backyard dinner scenes, the cancer, the fighting, the love. Plus, hello, Sally Field. She’s brilliant. In anything. I was talking about the show at a BBQ a couple months ago and someone asked, “Who’s Sally Field?” Damn near broke my heart. Continue reading