WATCH: The Fault In Our Stars Trailer

the-fault-in-our-stars-book-cover1fault-our-stars-movie-posterIf you know me, you know I love buzz. When I was living with my grandparents last year, I came home one day to find my aunt and cousins hanging out in the kitchen (not uncommon). My cousin had a book with her; she said they were reading it in school. “They’re making you read that in school? Isn’t it sad?” said my aunt. So naturally, I picked it up and skimmed the jacket as I do with most books I find in people’s possession. It definitely sounded sad. But when she was done with it, my cousin said it was amazing, so I vowed to give it a shot eventually. Months passed. Then I started seeing news floating around that it was going to be a movie, which instantly moved it to the top of my list. I rarely ever see a movie based on a book without reading the book first. Then it went head-to-head with Harry Potter in EW’s Best YA Novel of All Time bracket in November. It lost, obviously, but second place meant it must be pretty damn good. It even beat the girl on fire! Continue reading