Love = Strength in Lea’s latest cover story


Lea graces the cover of Teen Vogue next, the interview for which was led by her GBF and former Glee co-star, Jonathan Groff. Read a snippet here and catch the full feature when the issue hits stands in March.


Lea’s “Louder” Drops Tomorrow


Lea unlocked her album art as a sneak peek today following a preview of the track list that went up over the weekend. The anticipation is killing us, girl! The Glee starlet’s solo album drops tomorrow with an instant download of her single, “Cannonball.” Have you heard it? Do you love it? Continue reading

Lea Michele’s working weekend

Yesterday, Lea Michele tweeted that she was rehearsing for her first live performance of her single, “which is happening very soon.” Today, she threw some sneak peeks out on Instagram which showed the singer/actress in the middle of shooting the music video. All this prep and still no title? Or dates to count down to? Come on Lea, give us something!


Her solo album is due in 2014. So far all we know about it is that it includes a track dedicated to Cory Monteith entitled, “You’re Mine.”


Get. Excited.

Is Glee doing Avenue Q?

Attention all Gleeks: What’s with the puppets?


After Lea Michele Instagrammed the New York crew with their puppet counterparts on Wednesday, I think it became clear that this isn’t just some fan submitted project for the actors to goof around with. This will be a legit episode, which begs the question, what the heck theme-of-the-week will this be? My mind, of course, goes straight to the Tony-winning, Sesame Street-inspired Broadway musical. Can’t you just see the glee club strolling down the halls singing, “It Sucks To Be Me” or, even more predictably, “If You Were Gay?” The edgy and profanity-laden production would be an interesting choice for the FOX dramedy, but so far, nothing has been confirmed.

Glee airs Thursday nights at 9 on FOX. Continue reading

An all-NYC Glee?

glee-preview-leadGleeks, stop trying to make a spinoff happen. It’s not going to happen.

The big question mark at the end of Glee’s season 3 in 2012 kicked up a flurry of rumors. How would Glee remain the Glee we all knew and loved while still giving all the characters—some graduated, some still at McKinley—full character arcs? Hopeful online whisperings wanted to see Rachel Berry, the show’s true star, shine in her own spinoff, joined by those nearest and dearest to her. Ryan Murphy laid those rumors to rest and showed us in season 4 that he knows exactly what’s he’s doing.

But when one half of the show’s power couple tragically passed in July, we were left to wonder—where do we go from here? The showrunners, of course, had to answer the same question. After Glee was renewed for two more seasons, Ryan Murphy and Co. had wasted no time in planning out exactly how FOX’s musical sensation would come to a close. Continue reading