Attention all KatyCats and Little Monsters—it’s almost time!

Lady Gaga announced the title of her new album ARTPOP last year by giving fans a sneak peek at her new ink. On a much larger (but perhaps not as permanent) scale, a golden semi was spotted cruising around L.A. this afternoon sporting the name of Katy Perry’s upcoming album. Undoubtedly two of the most creative artists in pop music right now, Katy and Gaga look to be in the running to take award season head-on at the same time. Mark your calendars …

August 19: New single “Applause” drops.
August 25: Mother Monster returns to the stage (and our TV screens) at the VMAs.
November 11: ARTPOP release.

August 12: New single “Roar” drops.
October 22: PRISM release.

Whose new album has you more excited? Sound off in the comments!