“Would you like to be in a real war?”


Hope is stronger than fear—or at least that’s what we’ve been taught by the girl on fire. In the final trailer that aired during game 4 of the World Series, there are no more attempts to be coy about the plot twist. We see our heroine, Katniss Everdeen, has been thrust, once again, into a fight to the death in the 75th annual Hunger Games. Every 25 years, the Capital is responsible for the Quarter Quell, which throws a curveball into the bloodbath. With an uprising on his hands, President Snow decides this year calls for a best-of-the-best extermination: only past victors will enter the arena. Continue reading


New “Catching Fire” Trailer Sizzles @ Comic-Con

The second theatrical trailer for the second installment of The Hunger Games saga was released at #SDCC over the weekend and it…is…awesome! There’s a lot of fire and heat-related humor to be used here (seriously, it’s endless), but I won’t. Except for the title. ^ You guys are smart. You got this. Continue reading