NIGHTCRAWLER: Gyllenhaal will make your skin crawl

Today, I want to gush a bit about one of my favorite actors and his creeptastic new film that I saw a couple of weeks ago …

Nightcrawler stars my boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal as Louis Bloom, a slippery Los Angeles sociopath who gets sucked into the grim morbidity of television news: “If it bleeds, it leads.” (Sad but true fact; not for nothing, I heard that on the first day of my news reporting class in college.) Bloom, driven to find a job but reeling from another rejection, spies the wreckage of a car crash one night and pulls over to observe. When he discovers that the footage shot by a gruff cameraman [Bill Paxton] may make it onto the morning news, you can practically see the light bulb go off in his eyes. Armed with a police scanner and a hapless intern [Riz Ahmed], Bloom dives headfirst into the cutthroat blood sport of crime journalism. Continue reading


Journos on Film

IMG_3478Photo by Danielle S. Tepper

I spent this past weekend in a state of geeked-out bliss; both days were spent touring the Newseum in Washington D.C. I met the friend who accompanied me in 2008; we worked together on our university newspaper and she’s my go-to girlfriend for nerdy journalism stuff. We drove down bright and early Saturday morning and couldn’t wait to explore six floors of journalistic history. It was interesting and engaging and enlightening and inspiring; the Pulitzer Prize-winning photo gallery was humbling and the 9/11 Memorial gallery was heart-breaking. I came away from the experience just being proud to be included, in any small fraction, in the company of the amazing men and women who have come before me and paved the way for me to sit here and write about how awesome it is to be a journalist. One exhibit that I particularly enjoyed was a video loop of clips from movies throughout the years that depicted reporters and photographers both fictional and historical and it got me thinking about some of my favorite silver (and small) screen characters who struck a chord with me. In no particular order, here’s a handful of the women I’ve watched and thought, “I wish that was me.” Continue reading

Happy birthday, PSA!

Hey Girl

Oh, why thanks, Ryan. Entertainment PSA is one month old today!

Getting Started
I joined WordPress in early July and immediately began tinkering with what would become my new playground. I knew exactly what I wanted to see it become, but for a short while I wasn’t sure I’d even manage to get it up and running. WordPress is a first class blogging tool, but it’s certainly difficult to navigate as a beginner. Having used it for a previous job, I was familiar with the basics of posting, but to start from scratch was a week-long headache. Finally, I found a free theme I liked that would allow me to utilize the widgets I wanted. It had customizable menus and backgrounds. I was able to get my tabs just right and uploaded the background image I had my heart set on. It finally started to look like a blog. Continue reading