Saddest TV Deaths (IMO)

[SPOILERS for the following shows:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Parenthood]

Don’t ask me why I was in the mood to get morbid for this PSA. Maybe because it’s the day before Halloween. Or maybe because a lot of the shows I’m watching are showing a lot of death this season—The Walking Dead, American Horror Story: Hotel, How To Get Away With Murder, heck, even Nashville has been killing people off. Whatever the reason, I started thinking back on all the beloved characters I’ve had to say goodbye to in the past. There have been more than you’d ever hope to endure, but here are five that left me devastated. (Yes, I know TV is fiction, but sometimes it feels real!) And again, spoilers, spoilers, spoilers! If you’ve never watched the listed shows and maybe someday plan to (all five are currently streaming on Netflix), you’ve been warned.

Please excuse the oh-so-crappy video clips.
People are obsessed with making terrible music videos, but never actually just posting a scene, as is, to YouTube.

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Glee S5: Everything You Need To Know


It’s been over a month already since our favorite singing underdogs lost their leading man. In the aftermath of the tragic news, it was hard to picture what Lima would even look like without Finn Hudson. There was talk that Glee would simply cancel itself—but the show must go on and it looks ready to knock our knee socks (er, knee-high boots) off in season 5 with new guest stars, new relationships and a Beatles-inspired set list … plus a “gut-wrenching tribute episode to Finn/Cory. SPOILER ALERT!

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Glee Lost A Shining Star


On the night of July 13, I was on the floor of my best friend’s sister’s bedroom when I got the news. The house was full of people sleeping all over the floor, but I had lucked out with some peace and quiet. I had spent the day at a banquet hall in NJ celebrating her Sweet 16—the court, the DJ, the formal get-up, the whole shibbang—and it had been an incredibly fun night. I could never have expected the text I was about to receive.

I have only two friends who share my hardcore Gleek status. One was asleep in NC. I had spent all night with the other, who began this conversation with me no more than an hour after she had left the after-party:


I furiously scoured the internet for a full hour, the glow of my phone on my face the only light in the room. My brain would not accept what it was reading. I alerted my sister, who was at home in bed. Then her best friend chimed in. We combed through every entertainment news outlet, searching, I feel, for an entry that would confirm that it was all a publicity hoax.

Cory Monteith, 31, found dead in his Vancouver hotel room.

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