NSFW – Luke Macfarlane can’t get an “Erection”


Welp, color me disappointed …

Luke Macfarlane (who played Scotty in Brothers & Sisters) stars in this 9-minute film, Erection, from director Tannaz Hazemi. Tagline: “Can Dean get an erection in time to save his relationship with his girlfriend? In bed, the day before he leaves town, the couple struggles with his flaccid penis.” The short, which had been released (only online) June 14, also stars Bonnie Swencionis as Selby (yep, Selby, not Shelby) whose acting credits include episodes here and there of 30 Rock, Law & Order and White Collar.

I came across the trailer (after the jump) for this random little nugget of soft porn while YouTube searching for Luke during my post-B&S hangover. Almost everyone in the comments gushed about how hot it looked, but none actually admitted to buying and watching it. Ahem. I fell on that grenade for you all. You’re welcome. Continue reading