The ‘Dark Horse’ of Pop?


Katy kept telling us she was about to debut a brand new sound and I think we’ve finally heard it. Today she released “Dark Horse” in full for purchase on iTunes and ‘there’s no going back.’

♫”So you wanna play with magic, / boy, you should know what you’re fallin’ for. /
Baby, do you dare to do this? / ‘Cause I’m comin’ at you like a dark horse.”
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See Katy ‘ROAR’ + PRISM Updates

Katy’s on a roar, er, roll! The pop star’s new song just became her eighth single to top the Billboard Hot 100!

I finally got a chance to watch Katy ‘ROAR‘ last night and although the air-brushing and fake tan was a little distracting, the whole time I couldn’t help thinking, “God, she’s gorgeous.” Our lovely glamazon survived a plane crash, took on a tiger, and became queen of the jungle in this bright and colorful video (released Thursday) that brought her triumphant new single to life.

Watch it below:

In other Katy news, she recently showed off the official album cover for PRISM, during a Good Morning America appearance early Friday morning: Continue reading