Love = Strength in Lea’s latest cover story


Lea graces the cover of Teen Vogue next, the interview for which was led by her GBF and former Glee co-star, Jonathan Groff. Read a snippet here and catch the full feature when the issue hits stands in March.


Ms. July to the rescue

rs_634x890-131103123035-634_Elle-Lea-Michele-Magazine-Cory_jl_110313Glee superstar Lea Michele covers ELLE for their December issue, looking fierce and fab. She let loose the first few intimate details we’ve heard about how she coped in the aftermath of Monteith’s passing, namely where she hid from the onslaught of media pressure. Continue reading

Glee S5: Everything You Need To Know


It’s been over a month already since our favorite singing underdogs lost their leading man. In the aftermath of the tragic news, it was hard to picture what Lima would even look like without Finn Hudson. There was talk that Glee would simply cancel itself—but the show must go on and it looks ready to knock our knee socks (er, knee-high boots) off in season 5 with new guest stars, new relationships and a Beatles-inspired set list … plus a “gut-wrenching tribute episode to Finn/Cory. SPOILER ALERT!

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Lea Finally Speaks

Lea Finally Speaks

Since Cory’s death, it feels like we’ve been waiting with bated breath for Lea Michele to address the loss. The actress finally Tweeted today, thanking her fans for their love and support, saying her boyfriend and co-star will “forever be in my heart.” The photo included (also put out on Instagram) shows the couple happily in love in front of what appears to be a beautiful beach. It has been re-tweeted over 225,000 times since it appeared at 1:04 p.m. and that number continues to swell every second. Ryan Murphy praised Lea as being “the strongest 26-year-old” he knows and while that may be true, I can’t help thinking of the Lea who goes home at the end of the day and doesn’t have to keep up the brave face anymore. My heart still aches for the girl who lost her best friend.

Glee Lost A Shining Star


On the night of July 13, I was on the floor of my best friend’s sister’s bedroom when I got the news. The house was full of people sleeping all over the floor, but I had lucked out with some peace and quiet. I had spent the day at a banquet hall in NJ celebrating her Sweet 16—the court, the DJ, the formal get-up, the whole shibbang—and it had been an incredibly fun night. I could never have expected the text I was about to receive.

I have only two friends who share my hardcore Gleek status. One was asleep in NC. I had spent all night with the other, who began this conversation with me no more than an hour after she had left the after-party:


I furiously scoured the internet for a full hour, the glow of my phone on my face the only light in the room. My brain would not accept what it was reading. I alerted my sister, who was at home in bed. Then her best friend chimed in. We combed through every entertainment news outlet, searching, I feel, for an entry that would confirm that it was all a publicity hoax.

Cory Monteith, 31, found dead in his Vancouver hotel room.

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