Five Favorite Mags

Entertainment Weekly


My bible. As a severely addicted pop culture junkie, EW is my go-to source for all the latest in celebrity hook-ups, movie reviews, behind-the-scenes TV features, music, theatre, and more. I look forward to it every Friday and devour it cover-to-cover instantly. I would kill to work for them someday. Fun Fact: I almost did. I was one of eight interviewed (out of nearly 100 applications) for a web internship not long after PSA’s launch. Continue reading


Spritz on a little Spears


Brit may have released her 13th fragrance this month, but now she’s debuted a different ‘Perfume’—her second new single, that is. “This is like sharing a piece of my heart,” the pop queen said when she posted the audio earlier today. In the vein of similar tender-hearted tracks from her earlier years, she drops the princess act and lets her self-consciousness show in a genuine display that sounds torn from her private diary—minus the drippy T.Swift connotations that brings to mind. Continue reading

Brit’s ‘New Era’ Starts With Work … Bitch


The Queen of Pop debuted the cover art for her new single, “Work B**ch!” on Instagram this afternoon. That countdown clock has been ticking away and the premiere finally arrives Monday on iHeartRadio at 6 p.m. She sports a Vegas showgirl ensemble and a look that screams, “It’s Britney, bitch.” Apparently she’s been working hard to gear up for a suspected stint in Sin City. So, “All Eyes on Me” is not, in fact, the name of her new single—maybe the name of the album then? Only time will tell. I wonder if that countdown will shoot back up to reveal a new date after it reaches zero on Monday?

Are you excited for Brit’s new era?

UPDATE: It leaked early! Listen here! Continue reading

All Eyes On Brit


Stealing a leaf out of your ex’s book there, Britney? The former reigning princess of pop unveiled a countdown clock on her website this morning which will hit zero in less than a month. Speculation says that the teaser tagline, “All Eyes On Me” is probably the title of her new single. If it is indeed signaling the approach of a new studio album, it will be Spears’ eighth. We’ll find out for sure September 16.