Top Tearjerkers

Despite all evidence to the contrary, I don’t mind a good cry every once in a while. When Valentine’s Day rolls around, if I’m not out with my girlfriends at a club, I’m in bed with a movie that makes me feel like my heart may burst out of my chest (see my prior PSAs). But you know, there are a lot of excellent emotional films that don’t revolve entirely around love. So I threw together a few of my top tearjerkers, because I like to torture myself by watching gut-wrenching YouTube clips during the day. My list is pretty short, so add your own in the comments!

Toy Story 3 | 2010


Disney/Pixar comes into your childhood adulthood like a wrecking ball (minus the naked Miley Cyrus on top AKA Disney gone wrong). It’s bad enough Andy’s going off to college (are we really that old already?) but then the toys get accidentally dropped at a daycare made of nightmares and boogers, their lives are turned upside-down by a homicidal teddy bear, and they wind up in an incinerator and they’re trying to get out and they realize it’s useless and they all commit to the fact that they’re about to die and they hold hands to face it together andWHAT THE HELL, DISNEY. Pretend you don’t already have tears in your eyes over toy deaths (can they even feel pain?), because they get rescued (whew), but you don’t realize the conclusion of this film is a one-two-punch until Andy brings his pals over to Bonnie’s house and finds Woody at the bottom of the box. He never meant to give away his best bud, but he gives a heart-wrenching speech about what makes Woody special: “He’ll never give up on you, ever. He’ll be there for you, no matter what.” Kids will take the speech at face value, but adultsespecially those who graduated college a month before this film’s release and have been thrust into the real world and are quickly realizing that it’s time to leave childhood behindwill take it for the lovely metaphor it is and may or may not find themselves ugly crying in a room full of strangers. So long, partner. ❤  Continue reading


The Valentine’s Day Cliche: RomComs

Let’s talk Valentine’s Day … I’ve seen one or two (or 200) too many romantic comedies and I have to say, Garry Marshall’s 2010 ensemble spin on the holiday itself really threw the whole thing into perspective. Admittedly, I spend almost every February 14 as Jessica Biel’s character—openly bitter and armed with a weapon to ward off Cupid’s arrow. Valentine’s Day has always been the most overhyped holiday in my book. Maybe this is because I was robbed of a sweet romantic gesture on this day back in high school, who knows. But I still don’t think we should dedicate one day a year to telling someone how we feel; that should kind of happen every day. Which brings me into this nice segue here … love stories. Ironic, right? I’m anti-V-Day, but I love love? Well, sure. It’s easy to get swept up in a great love story. It’s the backbone of nearly every box office hit. We root for it. Anyway, with the dreaded day right around the corner, I figured now could be a good time to wax rhapsodic about my favorite fairy tales. So, here are the soul mates who have given me hope that I’ll eventually find mine: Continue reading