Kimmel Strikes Again

JKL_20131029_IToldMyKidsIAteAllTh_Clip_HD720p_3eaf9451-a9ff-4db9-8a8f-821375f03384_5480593_sourceFor the third year in a row, Jimmy Kimmel instructed his viewers to record their children’s reactions to the news that ALL THEIR HALLOWEEN CANDY IS GONE. Hysteria ensues. He played the clip last night and you can view it below. Enjoy.

P.S. How cute are the little forgiving ones?

P.P.S. Someone needs to watch their mouth around their kids!


New “Catching Fire” Trailer Sizzles @ Comic-Con

The second theatrical trailer for the second installment of The Hunger Games saga was released at #SDCC over the weekend and it…is…awesome! There’s a lot of fire and heat-related humor to be used here (seriously, it’s endless), but I won’t. Except for the title. ^ You guys are smart. You got this. Continue reading