BROADWAY: Stage VS. Film

I was eight years old when I saw my first Broadway show. My parents took me to New York City for my very first time to celebrate my eighth birthday with my best friend and her parents. We saw “Beauty & the Beast” on the Great White Way; I was completely captivated. It helped, of course, that the play was based on one of my favorite Disney movies. Scenes that played fondly in my head in soft animation exploded in front of my eyes in a dazzling display of pyrotechnics and choreography. Broadway has held a special place in my heart ever since; I’ve seen approximately a dozen shows and there’s only been a handful that I haven’t loved. It’s an amazing experience each and every time. The success of certain stage shows has been helped along by film versions for years now, but only recently have I started to truly enjoy comparing the two. There are movies I’ve seen and loved even without even having the experience of the stage to back it up (like “Rent” and “Sweeney Todd”). Just this month alone, I was able to do some of that comparing twice. On June 18, I saw “Aladdin” on stage. On June 26, I saw “Jersey Boys” on film. So I decided to do a quick breakdown of all the Broadway shows vs. movies I’ve seen. Ya know. For fun.

Beauty&theBeast1. Beauty & the Beast (1995)

What worked: The “Be Our Guest” dinner show has been unmatched in any show I’ve seen since.

What didn’t: The beast in the film is scary. The beast on stage was scary-ugly. That costume could’ve used some work.

Which was better: The movie. Don’t get me wrong, the show was amazing. But there’s a reason why the Disney generation holds those classic animation films on such high pedastals. Continue reading


Is Glee doing Avenue Q?

Attention all Gleeks: What’s with the puppets?


After Lea Michele Instagrammed the New York crew with their puppet counterparts on Wednesday, I think it became clear that this isn’t just some fan submitted project for the actors to goof around with. This will be a legit episode, which begs the question, what the heck theme-of-the-week will this be? My mind, of course, goes straight to the Tony-winning, Sesame Street-inspired Broadway musical. Can’t you just see the glee club strolling down the halls singing, “It Sucks To Be Me” or, even more predictably, “If You Were Gay?” The edgy and profanity-laden production would be an interesting choice for the FOX dramedy, but so far, nothing has been confirmed.

Glee airs Thursday nights at 9 on FOX. Continue reading