When Sequels Suck: Pitch Perfect 2

Let me start by saying I was totally psyched for Pitch Perfect 2. I was one of the ones who actually wanted to see the first one, not one of the many who heard about it from someone else and was convinced to see it. And I loved it. It was the first time in a long time that I laughed (full wheezing, out-of-breath, practically-crying laughs) and it wasn’t because it was lewd or obscene—it was just funny. Seemingly an overnight success, Pitch Perfect was a new brand of comedy poised to impact the genre. So its sequel, written by very same person as the first installment, should’ve been a smash hit, right? Well pardon the musical humor, but I walked away feeling it had fallen very flat indeed.

PP2 Review

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Concert Countdown

I admit to being pretty lame with my musical tastes. If it’s not on the radio or iTunes top singles list, I’ve probably never heard it. The only time I discover off-the-beaten-path tunes is when I hear something I like and Shazam a movie or TV show. I also really haven’t been to that many shows, making many of them my favorites just because. My very first was *NSYNC’s PopOdyssey tour at Giants Stadium when I was in 7th grade. It would’ve made my list, except I barely remember it. We had nosebleeds and apparently didn’t take a single photo. I even lost my T-shirt. I just know that I screamed until my vocal cords gave out. I made up for those hazy memories a couple months ago when I went to see Justin Timberlake.
Which brings us to my number 1…*

1. Justin Timberlake | The 20/20 Experience World Tour
Madison Square Garden, NYC | March 21, 2014


I. Lost. My. Mind. End of story. Most I’ve ever spent on a show ($175) and I would only ever spend that much on this man. Worth every penny. He was getting over being sick and still flawlessly powered through a 32-song setlist. He played the majority of 20/20 but also revisited hits from his prior two albums. “Cry Me A River” threw the stadium into complete pandemonium. He launched into Sinatra’s “New York, New York” and that was it, I was done. And that was before the first set even ended. It was the best night ever spent with three of my best girls and our beloved JT. Mmph. Continue reading

♫ If adolescence had a soundtrack…*

… I’m not quite sure how I would describe mine. I was definitely obsessed with pop. I idolized Britney, Christina, Mandy, and even Jessica. Not so much the Spice Girls. I swooned over the boy bands. N*SYNC was my very first live concert – Giants Stadium in 7th grade, Pop Odyssey tour! Backstreet Boys were a close second, followed by O-Town and 98 Degrees. But along the way, there were some off-the-beaten-track albums that became my favorites. Maybe they were yours too?

*This post is slightly outdated because it was written August 17, 2011. I pulled it from my Tumblr, which is where I originally wanted to begin blogging before figuring out that Tumblr isn’t quiiiite the best outlet for serious blogging. Great for finding GIFs though. Now I just use it to bring in PSA readers. 😉 Nevertheless, hope you enjoy. Continue reading

Lea’s “Louder” Drops Tomorrow


Lea unlocked her album art as a sneak peek today following a preview of the track list that went up over the weekend. The anticipation is killing us, girl! The Glee starlet’s solo album drops tomorrow with an instant download of her single, “Cannonball.” Have you heard it? Do you love it? Continue reading