Concert Countdown

I admit to being pretty lame with my musical tastes. If it’s not on the radio or iTunes top singles list, I’ve probably never heard it. The only time I discover off-the-beaten-path tunes is when I hear something I like and Shazam a movie or TV show. I also really haven’t been to that many shows, making many of them my favorites just because. My very first was *NSYNC’s PopOdyssey tour at Giants Stadium when I was in 7th grade. It would’ve made my list, except I barely remember it. We had nosebleeds and apparently didn’t take a single photo. I even lost my T-shirt. I just know that I screamed until my vocal cords gave out. I made up for those hazy memories a couple months ago when I went to see Justin Timberlake.
Which brings us to my number 1…*

1. Justin Timberlake | The 20/20 Experience World Tour
Madison Square Garden, NYC | March 21, 2014


I. Lost. My. Mind. End of story. Most I’ve ever spent on a show ($175) and I would only ever spend that much on this man. Worth every penny. He was getting over being sick and still flawlessly powered through a 32-song setlist. He played the majority of 20/20 but also revisited hits from his prior two albums. “Cry Me A River” threw the stadium into complete pandemonium. He launched into Sinatra’s “New York, New York” and that was it, I was done. And that was before the first set even ended. It was the best night ever spent with three of my best girls and our beloved JT. Mmph. Continue reading


♫ I’m excited for: DAUGHTRY “Baptized”


I love Chris Daughtry. So. Much. After Adam Lambert, he’s probably my next favorite musician to come off the American Idol conveyor belt. I’ve seen them both live and they definitely know how to put on a great show—although Adam obviously has the better theatrics; lasers and costume changes and he can hold a note long enough for it to echo throughout a valley and back. I live in eastern PA (if I haven’t mentioned that yet) and Musikfest is a summer tradition around here. That’s where I saw Daughtry in 2012. Continue reading

“You feelin’ good tonight, New Jersey?”

IMG_1442Care to share? Photo credit goes to me, por favor.
I have a super sweet camera that managed to get these killer shots all the way from (almost) the lawn. In the rain. Boom.

Man, do I love concerts. Those massive sold-out stadium shows are the best, but any venue will do as long as the music’s good. I always walk out, ears buzzing, feeling high as a kite. When your favorite (or even not-so-favorite) artists bring their A-game, you know it’s going to be a good time. Continue reading