Shameless – Insensible to disgrace, having or showing no feeling of modesty or embarrassment. See also: Brazen, unabashed, forthright.

Somewhere deep inside, every single one of us is a nerd. There is that one thing (or many) that makes us giddy with barely contained joy. The difference among us is that there are some who are proud to proclaim that love to anyone with ears—“What do you mean, you’ve never read Harry Potter?!”—and there are some who prefer to keep their love tucked behind closed doors. Guess who has more fun?

I am a fangirl.

I knew when I was child—there was a reason I was reading Goosebumps in a tree instead of playing with Barbies. I managed to reel it in through elementary and middle school because those tender years are about making the other kids like you and little else. It may have started to slightly show in high school, because that was when the Harry Potter generation really started to boom—we all somehow managed to find each other and held hours-long discussions in hushed whispers in psych class. During college, I began to really open up—after a bad day, my roommates weren’t surprised to come home and find me on the couch with a Disney movie and they knew not to disturb me during my favorite TV shows. And at this point in my quasi-adult life, I love what I love and I love it hard.

I was obsessed with Star Wars in eighth grade. My best friend thankfully had the same hopeless crush on Luke Skywalker, so we bonded over it. We once watched all three movies of the original trilogy in one night; some pretty solid dedication for a couple of 13-year-olds. I’ve now found that that’s often how I approach a new pop culture phase: I hear the buzz, I give it a try, and I promptly fall off the deep end for the next few months or years or however long it takes to run its course. Each new trend is like a bad relationship—you know it’s not healthy, but damn if it doesn’t feel good while it lasts.

My friends now openly mock my addiction to television and my sister doesn’t hesitate to call me a hermit when I’m binge-watching in my room (yes, I still live with my parents—what, don’t all college grads?) instead of socializing with the fam. But that’s where I’m happy. I love a night in as much as a night out drinking and dancing and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Instead, I’ve wrapped myself in my beloved fantasy worlds like a warm blanket.

Geek/nerd culture is finally being embraced the way it should. Those terms were enough to tear our little hearts open as kids, but it’s time for us to own them. As you can see, I certainly am.


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