Norman Reedus on How to be a Badass

“I think once you try to, like, you know, believe you’re badass or try to look like you’re badass, I think you look real corny. I think if you believe what you’re fighting for, it comes out badass.” And in other news, I’ve suddenly lost the ability to form coherent sentences.

Join me in indulging my Daryl Dixon addiction

When you love entertainment as much as I do, you sometimes get to a point where you want to drown yourself in it. That sounds hyperbolic, but it’s also sort of true. I get that way around award season or after a particularly explosive season/series finale—case in point, last month’s horrific Walking Dead cliffhanger. I got sucked down […]

The Walking Dead Fan Premiere: Highlights

Two years ago, I turned one of my good friends into a Walking Dead superfan. (Victory!) So when AMC started promoting a sweepstakes for their first ever Fan Premiere, there was only one person I wanted to go with. We entered every day for almost a month for a chance to win two tickets to […]

Best Bad Boys of TV | Vol. 1

You gotta love a good bad boy. That quintessential television character always seems two-dimensional on the page until they get fleshed out into living, breathing, brooding boys who don’t want your heart but you’re still compelled to yank it from your chest and give it to them anyway. It’s up to the actors who play […]