Ranking Netflix Original Shows: Part 2

Missed Part 1? Read it here.

5. House of Cards


I needed something new to binge-watch a couple months ago, so one night I pilot-tested three shows I’d always heard good things about: Friday Night Lights, Sons of Anarchy, and House of Cards. I think you know which one I landed on. I pursued Frank Underwood’s ruthless attempt to claim his spot in the White House in spite of my lackadaisical approach to politics mostly due to the journalism angle. I loved watching Kate Mara’s character carefully cultivate her sources, itching to uncover scandals, and using questionable means to achieve answers. {Spoiler Alert!} The journalism angle didn’t last long unfortunately after Zoe met the business end of a subway train and I felt my interest waning. The show delivers some powerhouse performances though; Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are perfectly bone-chilling. I’ll probably keep up with it when season 5 rolls around.

6. Master of None


I’m not a fan of Aziz Ansari. I’m not not a fan—I guess I’m indifferent. I found his Parks & Rec character to be rather annoying when I finally binged that show a few months ago. But I was surprised and impressed at his tactful approach to some major themes in this show, which he wrote and exec-produced. There are a few great laugh-out-loud moments but also some poignant ones, particularly in episodes “Parents” and “Old People.” I’ll definitely be back for the sophomore season’s release.

BONUS: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt*


If this could qualify for my list, it would be at the bottom, but I couldn’t even finish it. I think I made it three or four episodes in before shutting it off in disgust. I just can’t stomach Ellie Kemper. I find her highly annoying and her character was brainless. The premise had potential, but I couldn’t stand to wait around to see if it reached it. Season 2 was released April 15—I couldn’t care less.

Want to read a Part 3? Leave your suggestions and recommendations for more Netflix originals I should try in the comments.


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