Join me in indulging my Daryl Dixon addiction


When you love entertainment as much as I do, you sometimes get to a point where you want to drown yourself in it. That sounds hyperbolic, but it’s also sort of true. I get that way around award season or after a particularly explosive season/series finale—case in point, last month’s horrific Walking Dead cliffhanger. I got sucked down a vortex of theory discussions and YouTube clips, which led me to watching one too many supercuts of Norman Reedus being absolutely hilarious (and adorable) when not in character as our favorite crossbow-wielding badass. (Does this sound tempting to you? Enjoy.) Needless to say, my crush on Norman came bubbling to the surface once again, knocking the other boys out of the playground for a while.


You’d think that was how I stumbled across this upcoming event showcasing said badass, but it was actually a happy coincidence that came as the result of a job application and some brief research. I won’t bore you with details, but it was some very random luck indeed that led me to the announcement of Norman’s appearance at the 5th annual Montclair Film Festival. My only concerns were what day  of the week it was (Saturday) and how much tickets cost (next to nothing). Talk about lucky. After determining that the place was within driving distance—TAKE MY MONEY. In fact, I did something I’ve never done before: whipped out my credit card and immediately bought two tickets, with no hesitation or thought as to who might go with me.

Luck ran out there though. My fellow Walking Dead fanatic is out of state for the weekend and my family members who also watch the show all have prior engagements. So I’ll be flying solo, camping out near the theater ahead of schedule hoping that my willingness to do so earns me a good seat from which to take notes and use the experience as a way to get a better writing job so that someday I’ll get to have press credentials for events like this. (And if I manage to snag a pic with Norm himself, sitting on the sidewalk for two hours will be so worth it.)

Anyway, all of this is to say that I have a spare ticket. So if you love Norman and you’re free Saturday (and don’t mind driving to Montclair), I have a ticket with your name on it. (The event is now sold out, so you won’t find them anywhere else.) I’m not going to dangle it in front of your faces, waiting to see who’s willing to dole out the most cash for it. If you want it, comment on this post, tweet me, whatever. I’ll try to be fair in selecting who I think wants it for THEMSELVES and not to turn around and make even more money than they paid for it. Be a fan. (But a sane fan, not someone who thinks screaming at someone to remove their clothing is acceptable. No biting. No breast implants.) Be someone who’s so into film and appreciation for the arts and is generally interested in hearing more from NomnomNorman about his career that you’re willing to sit on the sidewalk for two hours and attend an event by yourself just for the sheer joy of getting to be in the same room with one of your favorite people for a while. Because if you’re that cool, I want to meet you.

For more info on Norman’s appearance and the Montclair Film Festival, click here.



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