Summer Series Snapshot: Girl Meets World, S2

GMWI’ve already written about my overall impression of the first season of this ‘90s nostalgia-fueled tween show and my opinion hasn’t changed much. The forever-a-BoyMeetsWorld-superfan in me has been enjoying season two just as much, if not more.

Cameos from the original show’s characters keep popping up, making it an intense nostalgia fix every single time. My favorite character (behind Shawn) has finally shown up and the return of Mr. Squirrels has been my absolute favorite moment so far.

So what’s new with Eric Matthews? He’s a New York Senator! And he had a heart-warming reunion with Tommy, the kid he almost adopted back in his 20s. Will Friedle stepped back into his role as Eric so seamlessly it feels like he never left our lives for a moment—which he hasn’t if you watch reruns as obsessively as I do!

Aside from Eric, we’ve also seen Mr. Feeny again (for two touching, albeit painfully brief, scenes in episodes one and two), Shawn’s long-lost love Angela and father Chet, everyone’s favorite English teacher Mr. Turner, and heartthrob Jack Hunter. I can’t contain my girly squeals every time I see an old familiar face.

As far as the core storyline goes, the plot is still very Disney-esque, but with clear evidence that showrunner Michael Jacobs is trying hard to steer the show in a more mature direction, much as he did with BMW.

The best display of that thus far has been “Girl Meets Yearbook.” Riley is stunned to see her best friend and her crush accidentally nab “Cutest Couple” and Farkle comes to terms with wanting to change his identity. It’s a poignant reminder of how crucial every little life detail was back in middle school.

The kids are finally starting to show evidence of growing up and that makes me excited for all the moments that are sure to follow as we tag along their journey—just as we did for their parents.


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