Five Favorite Mags

Entertainment Weekly


My bible. As a severely addicted pop culture junkie, EW is my go-to source for all the latest in celebrity hook-ups, movie reviews, behind-the-scenes TV features, music, theatre, and more. I look forward to it every Friday and devour it cover-to-cover instantly. I would kill to work for them someday. Fun Fact: I almost did. I was one of eight interviewed (out of nearly 100 applications) for a web internship not long after PSA’s launch.

Disney Adventures


I remember gobbling this up as a kid. From 1990-2007, this mag was kind of a pre-EW for my entertainment-loving heart. It was full of puzzles and factoids from my favorite movies and shows, plus cool interviews with all the famous people who were all the rage in the ‘90s.



Young & Modern, more lamely known later as Your Magazine. It was founded in 1932 and published for 72 years (final issue in 2004) and was the second oldest girls’ magazine (the oldest being Seventeen) in the United States. I read it in middle school; it was almost like Cosmo for tweens, with tips on how to make your crush notice you, hair styles, fashion trends, and, you guessed it, celebrity interviews.

All Animals


I became a member of the Humane Society of the U.S. last year and started receiving their member magazine, All Animals. I love it. Every cover features gorgeous glossy photography of wildlife or pets with insightful editorial from the front lines of animal welfare. It has a number of fun features that cover everything from vegan recipes to cruelty-free cosmetics. A great read for animal lovers.



OK, so I’m no health nut or gym rat, but it still makes me feel good to read Fitness every once in a while. It’s full of inspiring stories from those who have achieved their weight loss or running goals, heart-healthy recipes, and workouts you can try out right inside your own home … plus, *cough* celeb interviews …

Are any of these your favorite glossies? If not, add your own in the comments!


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