Things I ❤ About Christmas



Not wrapping, just the paper. It’s a tragic flaw that I’m so inept at creating pretty packages. I just don’t have the patience for it. No matter how hard I try to get that paper super tight, as soon as I try to scotch tape it, it becomes loose and sloppy. I’ve learned to just accept it. That doesn’t stop me from delighting in the fun patterns and colors that pop up during the holiday season. And I’ve learned to get crafty in other ways—last year, I bought adorable baskets at Michael’s and filled them with Christmas grass and knick-knacks (and shoddily wrapped gifts) and presented them to my parents and sister instead of a stack of boxes. They were a hit.


2I forget when I finally first tried eggnog, but I remember always wanting to because it was such a quintessential Christmas drink. It’s become somewhat of a thing now where, even though I don’t love it, I have to have at least one glass per season.

It just tastes like Christmas. You know how things sometimes just taste like Christmas?

…no? …just me?



I’m not much of a baker and my family pretty much never lets me in the kitchen because of ONE isolated incident where I destroyed a batch of my favorite cookies (peanut butter blossoms) in 2006. Eight years later, you’d think they’d get over it … anyway, even though I don’t have the whole domestic thing down yet, I still love how the smell of Christmas cookies or my mom’s signature chocolate chip pumpkin breads permeates the entire house and makes it super cozy.



I was obsessed with snow as a kid. When the blizzard of ’96 hit my hometown of Middletown, NJ, it was arguably the most fun I’ve ever had playing in my own backyard (above). When we first moved to PA, I was thrilled when snowflakes started to fall as early as October. I was slightly less than thrilled when they were still falling in April. Snow and I have a less-than-Lorelai-Gilmore kind of love affair now that I’m no longer a kid dressed like Randy Parker flying down a dad-made mountain. While I don’t mind driving in it, my car sure does, and it tends to cause more than a few headaches when it decides to come down relentlessly during the workweek. Still, the first snow of the season is rather beautiful and I love a white Christmas more than most things in life.



There is nothing that can’t be made more festive with twinkle lights in December (or any time of year really). My all-time favorite thing about the holiday season may very well be all the lights. Combined with freshly fallen snow, everything sparkles. It’s magical.


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