The Americans: Best Show on Television?

I wouldn’t say that, but Hank Stuever at The Washington Post apparently would … and did. That’s not to say that I don’t think The Americans is some damn good drama, because I do (as evidenced here and here) and it is. Matthew Rhys gave me all kinds of chills last season in his emotionally raw performances as torn-between-two-lovers (family and country) Phil Jennings.

In the first official promo for season 3 (above), published today to FX’s YouTube channel, the spies next door are taking a polygraph:

“Are you committed to your country? Would you sacrifice everything for it? Even your own children?”

It’s that last that brings a loaded pause. For fellow fans of the show, we already know that the raising of Paige and Henry under such tense conditions and secrecy is a hot button topic often discussed in the dead of night by cover of noisy laundry machines. Elizabeth (our fierce Keri Russell) seems to be wavering on their original stance that the kids are never to know their parents’ true identities, going so far as to consider the possibility of Paige “joining the cause,” a suggestion that clearly horrifies Philip.

Even though it only spanned one season, it felt like it took forever to get Philip and Elizabeth back on the same page (of a steamy romance novel apparently, given the precarious position they were discovered in during the sophomore premiere). So it stands to reason that all good things must come to an end and they’re about to vehemently challenge each other’s perspectives on child operatives and what that could ultimately mean for their family and their future in America. (I can’t wait for the return of Angry Philip.)

Season 3 of The Americans premieres Wednesday, Jan. 28 at 10 p.m. EST on FX.



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