2014 Fall TV Premieres

I’m like a kid on Christmas morning when fall sweeps rolls around. I giddily set my TiVo to record all my favorite shows and mark dates on my calendar for season premieres. My schedule is jam-packed with medical drama, singing students, Russian spies, and zombies (sorry, walkers). I come home from work, eat dinner, shower, and settle in with my remote for a good two to three hours. I’m a total couch potato—no shame! Release dates for the 2014 season have recently been announced and I’m already counting down the days to when I get to see my favorite characters on the small screen once again. My schedule looks a little something like this:




The Walking Dead—Season 5 premieres 10/12 @ 9 p.m.

I was late to the Apocalypse, but once I got into this AMC mega-hit (touted the most-watched cable drama in history), I became hungrily obsessed. With the exception of season two, every new adventure in the lives of our ragtag survivors has been explosive. Season 4 closed on one hell of a cliffhanger and many comic readers are speculating that the new turf in Terminus is cannibal land. Showrunners have promised that we won’t have to wait long to see how Rick I’ll-Eat-Your-Throat-Out Grimes and Co. escape from that train car. The trailer for the season was released at Comic-Con and provides a heart-pounding look at what we have to look forward to; a must-see for Dead fans. Check it out:


A slow TV night, this used to be my HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother) night.
Not anymore, since the step-mother turned out to be Robin.
‘Scuse me whilst I try to resist a massive eye roll.



New Girl—Season 4 airs 9/16 @ 9 on FOX

About A Boy—Season 2 returns 10/14 @ 9:30 on NBC

Normally my Tuesdays were consumed by the Fox smash Glee, but it’s been revealed that the comedy musical’s sixth and final season is only a half-er. So we have to wait until January of 2015 to see what happens next in The Rachel Berry Show.

Now my Tuesdays are sitcom nights. New Girl is one of the best new comedies to come out in years and has me cackling at decibel levels in nearly every episode. The guys all perfectly complement one another and their coordinated facial expressions and zippy one-liners almost make up for having to put up with Zooey Deschanel’s “adorkable” personality for 22 minutes. Even though she’s my least favorite character, I hated to see her break up with Nick last year, so I’m anxiously awaiting what happens next in their little dance. Are they the next generation’s Ross and Rachel? So far, yes.

I also gave the pilot test to a newcomer last season that featured a New Girl guest star as a womanizing neighbor to a vegan Brit and her well-bred son. About A Boy turned out to be a heart-warming and hilarious new addition to my watch list.



Nashville—Season 3 begins 9/24 @ 10 on ABC

American Horror Story—Season 4: Freak Show comes back 10/8 @ 10 on FX

While I impatiently wait for the butt-kicking Jennings undercover operatives to return in 2015, their timeslot is held by the Ryan Murphy anthology, American Horror Story. This year’s freak show is, well, a freak show. That alone is reason to tune in. While I was disappointed with last year’s “Coven” and underwhelmed by season 1’s “Murder House,” the mayhem in the middle (“Asylum”) was still deliciously twisted enough that I’ll tune in again just to see how this one goes. Most of the incredibly talented cast is back, and I’m interested to see who plays the bearded lady.

Then there’s the country capital of the world with its melodrama and musical distractions. I wasn’t sure if I’d keep enjoying Nashville, but it’s proven to be a substantial drama with intriguing plot twists and surprising singing talent from its two leads. Hayden Panettierre knocks it out of the park by flip-flopping between vulnerable and fierce as a starlet trying to build—and keep—her career.



Grey’s Anatomy—Season 11 starts up 9/25 @ 8 on ABC

Parenthood—Season 6 premieres 9/25 @ 10 on NBC (FINAL SEASON)

I’ve been with Grey’s since the beginning and it’s not slowing down. The writing is always spot-on, the drama feels real, the medicine is edge-of-your-seat intriguing, and the characters have never become two-dimensional outlines of who they used to be. The show has grown and evolved just as the titular Meredith Grey has and I can’t wait to return to the OR.

Then one of the most underrated family dramas of all time (my personal opinion, that is) returns with its final season. Always on the brink of cancellation, I’m anxious to see how loose ends are tied up now that the showrunners have had the time to carefully plan and execute the end of a heart-warming and, at times, heart-wrenching show. Amber is my favorite character, and it looks like they’re about to give her one hell of a storyline after the finale’s semi-cliffhanger. Grab the tissues, since you know it wouldn’t be a Thursday night with the Bravermans without the waterworks.


Nothing. Not much airs on Friday, and hey, a girl’s gotta have a social life, right? Right? Just kidding, this is when I turn to Netflix.


…..movie night.


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