Inside the Secrets: First Look at The Americans Season 2

I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE MATTHEW’S ACCENT. Just say “precarious” one more time …

I’ve been waiting so long for this—I’ve already started re-binging season 1 and have been hungrily devouring the three trailers and handful of teasers we have from FX at this point. But this new one, uploaded today, is the best yet! Finally, we get some insight from the showrunners, as well as the actors, as to what we can begin to expect from season 2.

“I think the Jennings have always known they’re never safe, nor will they ever be. I think what we realize is how precarious their life is becoming.” —Matthew Rhys (Phil Jennings)

Until the premiere airs in a week and a half, you can read my previous PSAs to tide you over. 😉

To watch or not to watch: “The Americans”

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The Americans returns to FX Wednesday, February 26 at 10.



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