OITNB: Round 2 starts 6/6


Netflix dropped a cute little Easter egg at the end of the House of Cards finale: the release date for season 2 of Orange is the New Black! We return to Litchfield on June 6. Good thing it’s a Friday because it’s probably safe to say you won’t budge from your bed/couch/cave until you devour all 13 episodes. No vacation days from work required. View the teaser after the jump.


To watch or not to watch: “Orange Is the New Black”

5 Reasons Why the OITNB Finale Pissed Me Off

Rumor has it the season will pick up immediately where season 1 left off.

Readers, what do you think Pennsatucky’s fate will be? Piper already landed in the SHU once, what will the consequences for this be? Will Kealy get what’s coming to him after that horrid display of indifference?


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