The Valentine’s Day Cliche: RomComs

Let’s talk Valentine’s Day … I’ve seen one or two (or 200) too many romantic comedies and I have to say, Garry Marshall’s 2010 ensemble spin on the holiday itself really threw the whole thing into perspective. Admittedly, I spend almost every February 14 as Jessica Biel’s character—openly bitter and armed with a weapon to ward off Cupid’s arrow. Valentine’s Day has always been the most overhyped holiday in my book. Maybe this is because I was robbed of a sweet romantic gesture on this day back in high school, who knows. But I still don’t think we should dedicate one day a year to telling someone how we feel; that should kind of happen every day. Which brings me into this nice segue here … love stories. Ironic, right? I’m anti-V-Day, but I love love? Well, sure. It’s easy to get swept up in a great love story. It’s the backbone of nearly every box office hit. We root for it. Anyway, with the dreaded day right around the corner, I figured now could be a good time to wax rhapsodic about my favorite fairy tales. So, here are the soul mates who have given me hope that I’ll eventually find mine:

Enchanted movie image Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey1. Enchanted, 2007 | Starring Patrick Dempsey & Amy Adams

This is my default bad mood movie. I absolutely adore it. Technically it doesn’t quite qualify as a typical romcom; it is Disney, after all. But it’s funny and such an adorable mash-up of their best classic animation moments with a modern live-action flair. The cast is excellent and it should be noted that in a showdown with Prince Charming (‘scuse me, Edward) and McDreamy, the winner may surprise you. The songs make me smile, it’s set in my favorite city, and it always makes me feel better, no matter what.

Favorite Scene:

A Walk to Remember2. A Walk to Remember, 2002 | Starring Shane West & Mandy Moore

When everyone hears the name, “Nicholas Sparks,” their minds immediately go to the heart-breaking story of the aging Allie who can no longer remember her true love, Noah, in The Notebook. It’s THE Nicholas Sparks movie, right? WRONG! The first one I saw, and it remains my favorite to this day, is A Walk to Remember. I was in eighth grade when it came out and I saw it twice in the theater, I loved it so much. This movie will take your heart and annihilate it. It’s the usual bad boy meets preacher’s daughter story until halfway through when an unexpected twist makes you reach for the tissues.

Favorite Scene:

When Harry Met Sally3. When Harry Met Sally, 1989 | Starring Billy Crystal & Meg Ryan

I was late to the game on this one and actually only viewed it for the first time a few years ago, but I fell for it immediately. I love the pre-plastic surgery disaster Meg Ryan trio of this, You’ve Got Mail, and Sleepless in Seattle. Just love them. Also set in NYC, the “I’ll have what she’s having” scene was just re-enacted not long ago and went viral. It was hilarious, but my favorite is actually when they’re walking through the Met. “Waiter, there is too much pepper on my paprikash.” I. Love. This. Movie. Perfect for a boring Saturday afternoon.

Favorite Scene:


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