GLEE: Trouty meets Tyra

Following the rumors that season 6 may take place solely in NYC, it looks like another Glee clubber is getting a taste of the Big Apple this week—and to the tunes of Billy Joel!

“Welcome to New York, the city where dreams come true,” preaches Rachel I-Should-Know Berry, as we see Sam flaunting his abs in front of a backdrop. ‘Bout time he realized he could be better suited to modeling rather than stripping. Does this mean he may be ‘movin’ out’ to follow his half-naked dreams to Manhattan and become the next cast member to join the superior storyline?

We always knew Rachel would be the one to ‘make it’ first. After all, it hasn’t been reluctantly referred to as ‘The Rachel Berry Show’ all this time for nothing. Then Kurt, then Santana, then Artie … how many kids from Lima can continue to make that leap? For the sake of the show, I hope as many as possible. Can’t you see them all living in a warehouse-sized Bushwick loft? Then we could forget that characters like Tina and Kitty even exist, IMO.

Not looking forward to Tyra Banks’ guest appearance … I’ve always kind of rolled my eyes at her, except in Life-Size, because that shit’s just funny. Check out the sneak peek below which just further proves that this is going to be ridiculous.

Glee airs Thursdays at 9 on FOX.


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