♫ I’m excited for: DAUGHTRY “Baptized”


I love Chris Daughtry. So. Much. After Adam Lambert, he’s probably my next favorite musician to come off the American Idol conveyor belt. I’ve seen them both live and they definitely know how to put on a great show—although Adam obviously has the better theatrics; lasers and costume changes and he can hold a note long enough for it to echo throughout a valley and back. I live in eastern PA (if I haven’t mentioned that yet) and Musikfest is a summer tradition around here. That’s where I saw Daughtry in 2012.

ChrisI had recently gotten a new camera as a gift and the 11th row is prime for snapping awesome shots like the one on the left. He sang most of his popular tracks from his first two albums, along with Break the Spell practically in its entirety. About halfway through, it started pouring, but it actually improved the experience. It was a hot August night, so it felt good, number one. Two, it forced everyone to put away their phones and cameras and just enjoy the music. We all stood there, dripping wet and singing along at the top of our lungs, and it was one of those nights where you feel beautifully alive.

That being said, I am, naturally, very excited for his new album. I’ve already heard the first two songs that are available (“Waiting for Superman” and “Long Live Rock & Roll“) and I like them both. The first sounds like classic Chris, while the second has a bit of a country-ish twang we haven’t really heard from him before, which is ironic considering the title. Sounds like something dreamed up during a summer night jam session on a front porch with beer and friends. (Did I just totally call what the video will look like?)

I’m always curious to see what songs will sound like based solely off their titles. I’m keeping my eye on “Wild Heart,” “Broken Arrows,” and “Cinderella.” And because I’m a sucker for acoustic, “Battleships.”

Any Daughtry fans out there? Are you excited for Baptized?
What tracks do you have your eye (or ear) on?

Baptized drops Tuesday, Nov. 19. Now available for pre-order on iTunes.


2 thoughts on “♫ I’m excited for: DAUGHTRY “Baptized”

  1. Hi there, I was just reading through your post and I noticed your description of the song “Long Live Rock & Roll” as something dreamed up during a summer night jam session.

    This made me smile as while I was reviewing the album, I imagined this song being sung around a camp fire with friends!

    Have you heard the album yet? If not, although I’m sure you probably have, I would be thrilled if you would have a read of my review of the album


    Many thanks, Paul.


    • I enjoyed your review! I love the album, though many say Chris has sold out as it doesn’t sound similar to any of his previous work.


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