Gaga’s New Single? Not So ‘Dope’


Oh God. Oh God, my ears. No. Nope, sorry. Gaga debuted her latest ARTPOP single this week, performing it at YouTube’s Music Awards last night. The singer’s voice, deep and haunting, tells a story of a love lost twisted with a touch of fan appreciation.

“Toast one last puff / and two last regrets, / three spirits and / twelve lonely steps / up heaven’s stairway to gold. / Mine myself like coal, / a mountain of a soul. / Each day, I cry. / Oh, I feel so low from living high.”

It shot to number 1 on iTunes almost instantly, but I’ll say it—I kind of hate it. Which isn’t to say I don’t like Mother Monster’s softer side (I’m a big fan of “Speechless“), but this just doesn’t work for me. Not to mention the artwork is downright frightening.

What do you think? Listen below:

ARTPOP drops November 11.


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