Glambert Channels His Inner Gaga

I just lost my freaking mind.

You all remember when the news was announced that the Idol alum would be joining season 5 of Glee? We got our first glimpse of his character in the promo for the upcoming episode, entitled “A Katy or a Gaga.” Based on Lambert’s own Instagram, he has been dubbed Starchild (how appropriate).

Glee-Adam-Lambert-VideoIn a series of Halloween tweets, Adam stated the following about his interpretation of his new persona:

“Many of u are wondering about Starchild’s look. Think in some ways it’s kind of a parody of some of my past fashion (steps and MISsteps) lol […] He’s trying way too hard w his lewk. Its tacky and doesn’t fit well. I think that’s part of his charm- he is SO committed, w so much drive. […] I def see myself in this character. In critics eyes I’ve oft missed the mark, but in my own world, I’ve had a great time playing dress up. […] That’s 1 of the differences tween being an artist or entertainer. 1 is more concerned with what others think. Neither r wrong- Just 2 paths”

The track hit the internet a few days ago and it is a, dare I say it, gleeful party for your ears. Enjoy.

Watch Glee Thursdays at 9 on FOX.


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