What is Grey’s without our person?

It’s old news at this point, but when I heard about Sandra Oh‘s plans to leave Seattle Grace Mercy Death—or, as it’s lamely known these days, Grey-Sloan Memorial—my general reaction was:

Cristina Yang has been one of my favorite Grey’s characters from the moment she first arrived in the OR with a fiery hunger in her eyes. Always no bullshit but never cruel, I loved her matter-of-fact approach to life in the surgical wing and how she had the ability to zing you with a life lesson when you least expected it. Here are five reasons Grey’s just won’t be the same without her.


1. Her ambition. Cristina never stopped reaching for the surgeon she knew she was destined to become … and made all our dreams seem lame by comparison. Be an entertainment reporter? Ha, and what, get paid to watch TV for a living? Yang wants to fix hearts. Game over.


2. Her confidence. Cristina always knew her potential. She worked hard for her brilliance and saw no shame in flaunting it. Did it sometimes get annoying? Pssht, you’re just jealous.


3. Her sensibility. Life is what it is, so man up. She makes it seem so simple, why aren’t we all better at doing this?


4. Her passion. If we could all be so self-assured … this particular gem is something we should all aspire to.


5. Her spontaneity. Important job interview? Performance review? Exam? First date? Don’t stress! Just dance it out.

tumblr_mov9o3JTJr1ry634qo1_500We love you, Cristina Yang.

Shonda Rhimes recently said she wants Grey’s to air forever and ever (or, at least as long as they still have stories to tell). This inevitably means we’ll have to say goodbye to more of our favorites. Who would you be horribly sad to see leave the show for good? Anybody else with me on this one? ALEX KAREV!


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