Familiar Faces Arrive For Coven ‘Initiation’


Finally! In the latest teaser for American Horror Story: Coven, we got a glimpse of some of this year’s characters. We don’t know their names yet (Hi, Tate/Kit/Evan!) and we don’t yet know what role some of them play (What is Tate/Kit/Evan doing in a house full of witches?), but holy intrigue, Batman.

Class is in session: A group of identically dressed witches arrives at a gorgeous Southern plantation in New Orleans to the now familiar creepy first line of “House of the Rising Sun“—is that song going to be this year’s Dominique? Evan Peters watches them file in from a second story window. Flanking the columns are four witches suspended in mid-air (think Detention). Sarah Paulson opens the door for them. Leading the pack is AHS Season 1 alum Taissa Farmiga with Jamie Brewer, followed by Gabourey Sidibe. They side-step a naked bull/man (Um, what?) and enter a spacious room with high ceilings and three towering black figures standing beneath a pentagram. The figures drop their masks to revel our leading ladies: AHS star Jessica Lange, with newcomers Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett. And they look badass. Check it out:

View the other 5 trailers (in reverse chronological order):




Pins & Needles


Are you guys as super stoked as I am for the return of AHS?

American Horror Story: Coven premieres Wednesday, October 9 at 10 on FX.


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