Miley Bares Her Soul (and a LOT of Skin)


We’ve all heard “Wrecking Ball” by now, the second track released from Miley’s upcoming “Bangerz” album. When I first heard it, I was hopeful that the twerker formally known as Hannah was about to show us that she’s got more to offer than gratuitous nudity and a general “IDGAF” attitude. Should’ve known better.

The video starts with a close-up of Miles in minimal make-up, save for her usual bright red lips and some mascara, against a stark white backdrop. Her blue eyes are piercing as a single tear rolls down her cheek: “We clawed, we chained, our hearts in vain. / We jumped, never asking why. / We kissed, I fell under your spell, / a love no one could deny.” Emotional and vulnerable, it only lasts until the chorus and then she’s smashing concrete in her underwear and making out with a sledgehammer. I’m not surprised she took it one step further and ends up riding said wrecking ball in nothing but her boots.

Artistically, I actually like it. She’s not the first to strip down and she won’t be the last. I prefer the shots of her crying to those of her laying amidst the rubble, but it could’ve been worse. Much worse. I just wish we had seen more of who Miley is on the inside and less of her very naked outside. I also wish she had written the song herself—it would have more of an impact. And no, I won’t even bother debating whether or not it has any hidden meaning about her relationship with Thor’s little brother.

“I never meant to start a war, / I just wanted you to let me in, / and instead of using force, I guess I should’ve let you win.”

What are your thoughts on Wrecking Ball?

“Bangerz” (standard and deluxe version) drops October 8.


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