See Katy ‘ROAR’ + PRISM Updates

Katy’s on a roar, er, roll! The pop star’s new song just became her eighth single to top the Billboard Hot 100!

I finally got a chance to watch Katy ‘ROAR‘ last night and although the air-brushing and fake tan was a little distracting, the whole time I couldn’t help thinking, “God, she’s gorgeous.” Our lovely glamazon survived a plane crash, took on a tiger, and became queen of the jungle in this bright and colorful video (released Thursday) that brought her triumphant new single to life.

Watch it below:

In other Katy news, she recently showed off the official album cover for PRISM, during a Good Morning America appearance early Friday morning:


I must admit, as more and more “performers” seem to be in a never-ending battle with themselves, seeing how far they can take their image before the public starts to lose interest (*cough*MILEY*cough*), I truly admire Katy for going back to basics. She looks radiant surrounded by natural lighting and wild flowers. She’s come a long way since Teenage Dream and I’m looking forward to seeing more of her maturity as she grows as an artist. “Everyone goes through those growing pains,” the 28-year-old singer told the GMA crew. “The Teenage Dream thing was really fun, but it’s just time to have that next evolution and this next era is gonna be really exciting.”

Regarding PRISM, “Basically, last record was very thematic and the theme this record, for me, is just … me,” she told GMA. “It’s kind of like, stripped down, more raw, more essential oils of who I am, and um, there’s a lot of light and hope and love and story-telling, and um, I’m very proud of it.”

We’ve had two sneak peeks from PRISM already, after Katy promised her loyal KatyCats that they would receive a bonus track ahead of time after a Twitter vote: Samples of “Dark Horse” and “Walking On Air,” went head to head. “Dark Horse” came out the winner and will be included in the iTunes pre-order. They both sound awesome and I’m loving Katy more and more!

Are you happy that Katy is embracing her softer side or do you miss the whipped cream bras and fireworks? What do you think of the sample tracks? Will you be downloading PRISM come October?

PRISM is available for pre-order September 17 and will released in full October 22.


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