Miley’s softer side: Listen to “Wrecking Ball”


Miley Cyrus‘ fourth studio album “Bangerz” is now available for pre-order on iTunes. Cyrus unveiled the artwork on her Facebook page earlier today with the announcement that her single “We Can’t Stop” and new track “Wrecking Ball” are available instantly with every purchase. “Wrecking Ball” has already shot to #1 on the iTunes chart. The audio is available on Vevo (see below). This is the Miley I like. The girl actually has a great voice and I can tolerate her when she’s being real instead of writhing around with a grill in her teeth. The lyrics (sample: “I came in like a wrecking ball / I never hit so hard in love / All I wanted was to break your walls / All you ever did was wreck me”) are honest, the message is emotional. Yes, Miley. Now let’s hope the eventual video matches the song content.

Give it a listen below:

What do you guys think?


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