Happy birthday, PSA!

Hey Girl

Oh, why thanks, Ryan. Entertainment PSA is one month old today!

Getting Started
I joined WordPress in early July and immediately began tinkering with what would become my new playground. I knew exactly what I wanted to see it become, but for a short while I wasn’t sure I’d even manage to get it up and running. WordPress is a first class blogging tool, but it’s certainly difficult to navigate as a beginner. Having used it for a previous job, I was familiar with the basics of posting, but to start from scratch was a week-long headache. Finally, I found a free theme I liked that would allow me to utilize the widgets I wanted. It had customizable menus and backgrounds. I was able to get my tabs just right and uploaded the background image I had my heart set on. It finally started to look like a blog.

One major setback along the way was the URL address. When I first signed up, I wasn’t sure what the name was going to be yet and so I used my own. Then I realized, for SEO purposes, I should probably use the official name. After settling on what the identity of the blog would become, I tried to change my URL and could NOT figure it out. I briefly considered making a new one and starting over, just so I could have the URL I needed. With that, I created entertainmentpsa.wordpress.com. Then I did some more sleuthing through the help center and discovered where in your settings you could change the URL. So I deleted the new blog, went back to the old one and tried to change the name. Well, once a name has been deleted by its user, it’s no longer available to anyone else. Even when that user is the same dummy who created and deleted it in the first place.


I came to terms with the fact that I’ll probably end up paying to just make it www.entertainmentpsa.com, which looks more professional anyway. And then I went on my way. Postponing the intro post I was planning, I dove right in with my first PSA. As my hit count slowly grew from 3 to 7 to 12, I kept posting as quickly as I could each day. I spend more time on my laptop now than ever, but I’m having so much fun with it. By cross-promoting on as many social media platforms as possible (Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter), that very small number in that first week has shot up to just a couple hundred shy of 1,000. All within 30 days. I’m still new to blogging—Who remembers Xanga in high school? We’ve come a long way!—but to me, that sounds pretty damn good. The biggest thrill so far has been seeing the sheer variety of countries I’m reaching. It blows my mind that someone in Finland or Malaysia or Belgium is reading my rants on television and celebrities.

Lastly and most importantly, running PSA has been just the inspiration I’ve needed. I’ve been seriously slacking over the past couple years when it comes to chasing my dreams. But while it’s true that post-grad depression exists (and hurts like hell), it’s also true that you will hit a wall and you will remember why you blew $60,000 on a degree that’s collecting dust and you will start to climb out of that hole of self-loathing and despair that you dug when you found yourself waiting tables to pay off $25,000 worth of loan debt. It may feel good to wallow in your parents’ house for a while, but take it from me, by the time you hit 25 years old, you have to find that fire to fight back and get ready to claim what you know is yours. That picture you have in your head of what your life could be “if only” is not unattainable. When I close my eyes, there’s a red carpet out there with my name on it and an impossibly cute and cozy apartment in Brooklyn that I share with a GBF. (And as long as we’re imagining things, I’ve also lost that 50 lbs. I’ve been struggling with since leaving high school.) But you have to want to make it happen, because life waits for no one. So if there are any other struggling writers out there, I’m with you. We’ll get through this. Don’t let anyone tell you your dreams can’t come true.

As always, thanks for reading!

❤ Danielle


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