Apologies for being MIA…

I can explain!

I spent the first half of this summer in a stressful state of unemployment bliss. How’s that for an interesting paradox?

On the one hand, I returned, dejected and defeated, to my parents’ house. My year as a freelance reporter on the Jersey shore had pushed my career barely an inch forward and I was no closer to a salary or benefits than I had been when I first graduated college in 2010. It was simply “experience;” the type of resumé fodder writers are taught to gobble up like a candy trail, hoping they’ll eventually have a collection large enough to make them marketable to the bigwigs with the power to hand them a legitimate job.

On the other, I was comfortable. I rearranged my bedroom so it no longer felt like I was a guest. I job hunted from our gazebo. After applying to my daily goal of five or so prospects, I spent my afternoons poolside with back issues of EW and the occasional novel. I binge-watched my heart out after belatedly discovering the magic of HDMI cables that sent Netflix streaming from my laptop to my flat-screen TV. My body clock was completely out of whack and I often sat up until three or four in the morning. My parents both work overnight shifts, so I simply adjusted my schedule to theirs. There were days when my whole house slept in past 2 p.m. My sister, home from her first year at college, was also unemployed and usually just sunbathed until her boyfriend got home from his internship. We made summer look easy. Too easy.

The week leading up to our family vacation in Edisto Island, S.C., I had SIX job interviews. After a summer of practically no feedback, my head was spinning with the possibilities. Lo and behold, when we returned to PA, one of those interviews had turned into a job offer. And now here I am.

My financial status is still bleak as hell. I owe $2,000+ on my junker of a car, which bit the dust on Rt. 80 as I was coming back from a Memorial Day reunion with my college friends. I have yet to make a single loan payment on my $20,000+ of student loan debt. And my snazzy new job only pays $10 an hour. Part-time (potential to turn full-time). But beggars can’t be choosers, blah blah, and I’m grateful to not feel so helplessly desperate anymore. I have friends in much tighter spots, so I’ve learned to stop obsessing over the ways my life could be better and just be thankful that it’s not worse.

That being said, I was hoping to be utilizing PSA much more often, but adjusting my body clock to this new schedule has been a nightmare. Quasi-adulthood sucks. My office hours start at 8. 8! I never even signed up for 8 a.m. classes in college. What happened to all those 9-5 jobs I’ve been hearing about? It’s been almost a month, but I’m still exhausted all the time. When I was an intern in the city, our hours started at 10. Pennsyltucky bumpkins probably wouldn’t assume that a Manhattan company could be so chill—I remember my not-too-subtle eyebrow raise the first time my editor left the office saying she was just going to “run to the gym for a little while.”

Because I’m part-time, I only work M-W. Which means I crash hard Wednesday night and don’t resurface from my bed until way past noon on Thursdays, which essentially just sets me off on the same bad pattern for the rest of the weekend. As with any new job or new chapter, it’s been an adjustment. I’ll get better at it, I promise.

Anyway, all this yammering has been a long-winded way of saying that I will, in time, streamline my PSA posting and get to the point where I can effortlessly post at least one per day. I’m thrilled with the response it’s been getting thus far and I have a lot to say, so this is a venture I feel obligated to keep fresh and exciting both for you, my readers, and for myself.

The past week has been heavy with entertainment news and I plan to blog my merry little heart away about most, if not all, of it over the next couple days. Stay tuned for PSAs on the Emmy nominations, our new baby prince, the antics at Comic-Con (I was green with envy allllll last weekend), and finally, I think I’m ready to talk about Cory Monteith. Plus, I’ve got some new shows lined up to binge-watch and I’ve been obsessing over Matthew Rhys since I finished binging Brothers & Sisters almost a month ago – expect a LOT of gushing about that show. I’ll be looking to fellow B&S fans to start some fun discussions about those beloved characters and the abrupt cancellation of such a fantastic family drama.

As always, keep your eyes on PSA (and your TV screens).

Yours truly,


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