Welcome to PSA!

Hey all,

I had originally wanted to throw a little intro out here before I started posting, but I’ve been crazy busy over the last couple weeks. I just started a new job as publishing assistant for a local paper (this is only my second week), plus I was hard at work brainstorming, photo-shooting, and organizing an application for a maaaajor magazine internship (it’s The One guys, fingers crossed for me). In between all of that, I was designing personal business cards, re-vamping my LinkedIn profile, re-designing my resume, and of course, finagling WordPress for days on end. The background image? It’s not the result of a Google search; I destroyed my bookcase and stood on my desk chair to get that shot. Ceiling fan nearly took my head off.

You’ve probably noticed I couldn’t resist jumping right in—I simply couldn’t wait to get started. If you’ve read the tabs at the top, then you already know what I’m all about. If not, here’s the gist—I’m a passionate writer, a shameless fangirl, and a hopelessly addicted pop culture junkie. PSA stands for Passionate | Shameless | Addicted, as well as public service announcement, which is a fun little way of saying, hey, you should read this. I’ll be referring to my posts as PSAs and I’ve officially explained this six ways from Sunday, so if you’re confused at all from here on out, that’s on you.

My Twitter feed links to my pro handle, which for the time being is basically just going to be me live-Tweeting whatever the hell I’m watching on any given day as well as re-Tweets from my trusted sources, namely my favorite pop culture media outlets—and celebs, natch.

I’m using this for exposure to some degree, but also because I’m alone IRL when it comes to my entertainment obsession and keeping my gushing inside my own head just doesn’t cut it anymore. After I binge-watch a show, I want to discuss it to death, so that’s what’ll happen here. When I leave a movie theater and ask my friends what they thought of the film and they reply, “It was good,” I’ll be jumping on here to dissect the symbolism and Oscar-worthy performances. Overall, this is going to become a collection of my favorite things and maybe you’ll see yours here as well. Let’s talk about them together.

Yours truly,


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